Modern Exteriors of Springfield now has a railing and decking alternative to traditional treated lumber containing CCA (chromated copper arsenate).  Our new Polyrail Systems offer strength and safety, peace of mind, beauty and comfort.


Polyrail Systems are available in three styles–Raven, Cardinal and Eagle–and two color choices–white and tan.


Why should you consider a Polyrail System for your home?

1.  Polyrail Systems have aluminum reinforced rails for strength and safety.

2.  Polyrail Systems have racketed mounting systems for new construction or  remodeling.

3.  Polyrail Systems have a transferable Lifetime Warranty for peace of mind.

4.  Polyrail Systems are maintenance free and a beautiful addition to your home.

5.  Polyrail Systems offer both a traditional top rail for a prominent look or a decorative top rail with a comfortable feel.

Call Modern Exteriors of Springfield today at 1-800-773-3166 and inquire about your new alternative to traditional treated lumber–Polyrail Vinyl Railing