Escape to the beauty and relaxation of the outdoor world around you, with no bugs and in total control of the weather. Enjoy the vibrant colors of spring, safe from mosquitoes and biting insects; stay cool in the summer months, protected by TEMO’s exclusive HPG 2000 windows; relax in the cool fall breezes by easily removing the full length windows; or slip in for cozy comfort during colder months. Experience it now. Take a step into your very own private paradise, where Every Day Is A Vacation!

TEMO’s designs give you complete relaxation with your choice of styles. TEMO Sunrooms provide you with a style and design for your favorite decor and lifestyle.

The Studio, our most popular design, is adaptable to just about any architectural style.
The Cathedral design provides a stunning vaulted ceiling to increase your spacing
Choose a California style sunroom and enjoy the distinctive split roof that provides enhanced sunlight beyond conventional skylighted architecture.
The Ventilated Solarium is the perfect blend of sunroom and atrium. Its gracefully curved enhanced-view roof design provides maximum exposure to the sun, moon and stars in soothing elegance.

Sunrooms have become one of America’s most popular home improvement choices…and with good reason! TEMO calls it the room of a thousand uses because its any room you want it to be…anytime. Add a relaxing spa or exercise equipment. It’s perfect for family gatherings, entertaining, holiday celebrations or just plain quiet time. Lay back and enjoy the great outdoors…indoors! Leave the backyard wind, rain and bugs behind forever. With a TEMO Sunroom, Every Day Is A Vacation!

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