Multiple Window Installation Options for Homeowners throughout Springfield, Joplin, Branson, and Other Missouri Communities

Window InstallationTrying to choose between window installation companies can often be difficult for Missouri homeowners who are unfamiliar with the multitude of products available. This can be further complicated by the fact that many replacement window contractors only offer products from a single brand and go out of their way to try and make their products stand out. Here at Modern Exteriors of Springfield, our goal is to find the perfect windows for every homeowner from Springfield, Joplin, Branson, and the surrounding suburbs who comes through our door. To that end, we want to take this opportunity to explain some common window varieties, so you can better choose an option suitable for your window installation project.

Vinyl windows are by far the most common type and are produced by countless manufacturers. They are very cost effective thanks to the low cost of their material and required virtually no maintenance. This means they will look and function as well after years of exposure as they did right after your window installation project. Vinyl is also a non-conductive material that isn’t prone to warping, so vinyl windows can be very energy efficient when paired with dual- or triple-pane glass and foam frame fillings. The down side is that vinyl is not as rigid or strong as many other materials, so their frames are often bulky, which some homeowners find less attractive.

Wood windows have been used in window installation projects for centuries, and are widely considered the most attractive style. The combination of wood’s strength – allowing for thin frames – and its natural grain make it hard to beat aesthetically. Wood is also even less conductive to heat than vinyl, so wood windows can provide outstanding energy efficiency. Due to raw material costs and skill required for wood window installation, this variety tends to be a pricier option. Wood house windows also require more maintenance than other window varieties, but many wood windows are available with vinyl or aluminum exterior cladding that can significantly cut down on these requirements.

Finally, aluminum windows are the third most common variety chosen for window installation work. Exceptionally durable, aluminum can withstand exposure to the elements better than practically any other material. Its strength also allows for small frames, which can be given durable coatings that keep their attractive appearance indefinitely. The main downside of aluminum windows is that their metal readily conducts heat, so they are often less energy efficient than other windows. The addition of vinyl cladding during window installation does help limit this weakness, however.

Modern Exteriors is proud to offer products in all these material categories from leading manufacturers like NT Windows, Andersen Windows, Marvin Windows, and Weather Shield Windows, giving homeowners the flexibility to choose the ideal product for their needs. Our replacement window installation professionals are extensively trained, so you can count on us to properly install whatever model you choose.

For more information on our window installation services for homeowners in Springfield, Branson, Joplin, and the surrounding areas, contact us today.

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